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At Palm Breeze Car Care, our goal is to make your ride shine! We use state-of-the-art products and certified detailing experience to restore your car, truck, or Jeep to flattering, brilliant looks, specializing in fine detailing and enduring splendor. Whether you want to restore factory paint freshness, a deep interior clean, blemish correction, or a top to bottom total detail, Palm Breeze has your answer.

We know you are proud of your ride, and we want to help you show it! This is why we offer a full service experience, giving your vehicle the enduring looks it (and you) deserve! Contact us for more details, and let us know what we can do for you to give your ride the shine that will turn heads!

Mobile Detailing Unit at Miatas at the Gap, 3-8 August 2021

Q&A with Lorie Haggerty

President and owner, Palm Breeze Care Care

A conversation about the Palm Breeze Difference

Hello friend,

I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Lorie Haggerty, Owner and President of Palm Breeze Care Care. I pride myself on engaging our customers in a personal and warm environment, to not only provide the services they seek, but to educate them on our Croftgate products, and how to use them successfully! Here's a recent conversation I had with someone who was curious about our products and services.

Q: I have heard some folks say that your services are really nothing more than a glorified car wash. What makes your services and products different?

A: That's a great question. It's understandable that people wonder why it's worth the investment to have their cars professionally detailed.

We detail cars. That means we hand wash your car without damage, clean areas that automatic or traditional "bucket and hose" washes cannot clean. This includes often neglected areas like door jambs, trunk water channels, and hood boundaries. We alert you to issues you may not have known about as we pore over your car. We take extra care by using minimal harsh chemicals. We use the highest quality eco responsible products, because we care about this environment that gives us such beautiful areas to drive, ride, and play. We always use new microfiber towels for each job, so you can be sure that your car is not getting the previous car's dirt and grime. We are always going beyond customer expectations.

Q: That sounds very comprehensive! While it's clear that your work on cleaning and detailing cars is top notch, what else does a full detail include?

A: We offer more than "washing" your vehicle. We not only offer exterior detailing, but also interior detailing (after all, that's where you spend a lot of your time!), and engine bay detailing. Should your ride need a little more TLC, we also specialize in paint correction (scratch and swirl removal, clear coat haze correction, etc), headlight lens restoration and protection, as well as ceramic coatings.

Q: You girls do more work than I realized! It is in fact a full team of girls, correct?

A: That's correct! I'm proud to be a female business owner, and I'm proud to employ an all-female team of detailing specialists at Palm Breeze Care Care. While we are quite mobile, and do lots of full-service details at special events such as Miatas and the Gap and Jeep events, we do most of our work by appointment from our home base in Gray, Tennessee.

Q: If I were to bring my car to you, about how long does it take to get the showroom look that I see in your pictures, and the cars I have seen in person that you all have detailed?

A: Our car care appointments take anywhere from 2 to 8 hours for details, 1 hour for headlight restoration and up to 48 hrs for ceramic coatings.

Q: Gotcha. However, what if I'd like to take a shot at detailing my own vehicle?

A: Many of our customers have been very happy with our work, and some have expressed a desire to learn more about the process for themselves to maintain that beautiful finish. Palm Breeze is happy to supply you with the same products that we use cleaning and beautifying your vehicle. We offer hands on training, demos for individuals, and often have ad-hoc seminars and how-to's to car clubs.

So if you want that personal touch for your prized possession, in a clean and sanitized environment, Palm Breeze will not disappoint!